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Foundation Specialists of East Texas provide residential and commercial foundation repair services for Tyler, Longview, Palestine, Cedar Creek Lake and East Texas.


Foundation Services

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Foundation Specialists of East Texas is ready to help you with your foundation needs in the Tyler, Longview, Palestine and Cedar Creek Lake, Texas areas. Whether it is new construction or foundation repair work, our foundation specialists will assess your needs and develope a plan that is right for your structure.

Identify Foundation Problems

problems to look for in your foundation

When a structure's foundation sinks or shifts, every room in the structure will be affected. This type of foundation movement can cause short term problems such as leaks and cracks, as well as long term structural failure and damage.

Symptoms of foundation issues can be seen with cracked walls, doors that are hard to open or close, bulges in tile floors or cracks in the concrete around your home. This kind of structure damage will never get better and needs to be fixed by an expert foundation specialist who knows what they are doing.

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Choosing a Foundation

differences between a slab and pier & beam

Building a strong foundation for your structure is the most import part of a new construction project. Building on a bad foundation will cause both short term and long term problems going forward.

The first main decision to make is what type of foundation to use for your new stucture. The two main types of foundations used in Texas are a concrete slab placed directly on top of a dirt pad and a pier and beam.

Continue reading for more information about these two foundation types or give us a call to find out more about our foundation services.

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